Facility Description

Festival performances take place at the Riverfront Playhouse. To view detailed park information please click here.

Warm-Up Description

Warm-up areas are provided in order to prepare for your performance. It is not a rehearsal room. In some instances, the warm-up area may not have chairs and stands. You may not leave backpacks or purses in the warm-up room. Choral groups will have 20 minutes to warm-up.

Uniform & Changing Room Policy

There are no special dress requirements. Please be certain your students are dressed for their performance before being escorted to the performance area. Changing facilities are not available.

Arrival Guidelines

Please arrive at the park and register at least one hour before their scheduled performance time. Upon arrival, go directly to the Registration Table located near the main gate. Final instructions and an escort will be assigned.


  • Turn in your adjudicator’s packets (2) and Announcer Sheet
  • Remit payment for any last minute balance due on your Silver Dollar City Music Summit account (balance due cannot exceed $500.00 at the festival)
  • Pick Up Amusement Park tickets & Meal Coupons if applicable.

Upon arrival instructions will be given and warm-up/performance times will be confirmed. Fifteen minutes prior to warm-up, groups will meet their escort who will show them to an area where they may warm-up. Refer to warm-up under “Performance Times”. All groups will be escorted five minutes prior to scheduled performance times to the performance location. Groups who have purchased an admission ticket may re-enter Silver Dollar City, upon the park’s opening.

Adjudicator Packets

The Director must furnish two (2) judge’s packets consisting of original scores for each adjudicated composition with the measures numbered and performance selection sheet. The Director must also furnish an extra performance selection sheet for the announcer.

Silver Dollar City Music Summit will provide digital media for your verbal comments. All verbal comments, score sheets and recaps will be uploaded to our website after the event.


Each school will receive a participation award. The award will be given to each group immediately after their performance.